Solar Mounting

Solar Mounting

At SunWatts, we carry solar mounts, also known as racks or racking, for every solar panel installation style, allowing you to customize your solar array depending on your location and building or property specifications.

Flush mounts are an inexpensive and a simple option suitable for most roof mount solar panel installations. They are generally not adjustable, designed to position the solar panels at a consistent elevation above the surface to which they are mounted. 

Ground mounts allow you to install your solar panels at ground level anywhere on your property. These are often adjustable, allowing you to tilt your solar modules to the appropriate level for optimal solar collection. Similar tilt mounts are also available for roof installations.

Pole mounts are a great selection for those requiring a non-roof installation. Differentiated by how they are positioned on the pole, these mounts come in one of three styles: top of pole, side of pole, and pole tracking.

Regardless of the style you choose, your mount will provide safety and security for your solar investment.

Solar PV panels are attached to metal structures called mounts or racks. Mounts are available in a variety of materials including aluminum, anodized aluminum, painted or galvanized steel

When properly installed the mounts provide a stable base for the PV array in high wind zones. Mounts can be fastened to a pole, on the ground, a wall or roof depending on style chosen. Adjustable tilt mounts can be positioned to an appropriate angle to maximize seasonal solar radiation. Fixed position mounts cannot be adjusted.

Choosing which size and style will depend on your specific application. The strongest mounts are made of aircraft grade structural members in heavy gauge-mill finish aluminum supplied with type stainless steel fasteners.