Why Solar Energy

Why Solar Energy


Our growing world population and increasingly technological lifestyles require more and more electricity to power our homes, offices, cars and so much more. Nature produces abundant energy for life on Earth using photosynthesis; in this same way we can harness the power of the Sun using the photovoltaic effect to produce clean, renewable and plentiful solar energy.

Much of our energy needs are addressed by burning fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas. These nonrenewable energy sources emit tons of harmful emissions into the air endangering the planet and human health.

Clean solar energy is a way to lessen our impact on the planet while saving money on electric costs. Solar energy is abundant and free for the taking. Even in the cold Northern states, there is still plenty of solar energy to meet your electric needs. In fact, just one hour of sunlight striking the earth could meet world energy demands for an entire year. Relying on clean solar energy enables you to be self-reliant and independent. With clean solar energy, you will no longer have to struggle with skyrocketing electric costs or blackouts. More and more people are converting to clean solar energy each day.