Solar Buyer's Guide

Solar Buyer's Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help you learn how to buy solar panels and related equipment for a completely renewable energy system that is affordable and long-lasting.


Many people begin their research by asking common questions like, "how much does it cost?" or "I have a three bedroom, 2,300 square foot home, how much solar do I need?" or simply with "what is the best solar panel?". In case you are wondering, the simple answers are it's free, you don't need too much, and the best solar panel is the one you are going to buy. But the real answers require a more in-depth evaluation.


Here are four easy steps to determine if solar panels are right for you. Learn how much energy you use today and calculate how much solar power you need. Discover if your home or property qualifies for cost-effective energy production. Then learn how to compare brands and get price quotes to estimate the cost of your solar system. Start with Step 1, or follow the links below to jump to a topic of interest. For beginners, here is a primer that describes how solar power works

Step 1: Energy Assessment
How Much Power Do You Need?

A solar energy assessment will answer three basic questions: How much energy do I use today? How much energy do I need now and in the future? How many watts of solar power should I get to generate all my electricity?

Follow this link to read step-by-step instructions for HOW TO PERFORM A HOME ENERGY ASSESSMENT.

Step 2: Site Assessment
Can Solar Panels Work For Your Home or Business?

Here you will determine if your roof or property is big enough and has the right conditions for a solar power system. Understanding your roof will also provide direction about the equipment that may be suitable for your installation. We can usually help with this by looking at your property on google or other satellite maps.

Follow this link to learn more about a SOLAR SITE EVALUATION.

Step 3: Equipment Selection
What are the Best Solar Panels and Components?

Choosing the right solar equipment is very important to ensure compatibility and performance. Covering modules, inverters, mounting, optional batteries, and charge controllers, you will learn about the essential components for a complete solar power system.

Follow this link to discover HOW TO CHOOSE SOLAR EQUIPMENT.

Step 4: Pricing and Quotes
How to Get The Most Performance at the Best Price?

With so many numbers and a lot of industry jargon, it is easy to get confused when considering solar power. Often the biggest solar panel, or the most expensive, or the recognized brand name does not mean it will generate more power or deliver the best value. Learn how to evaluate the brand, price, performance, technology, compatibility and warranty.

Follow this link for detailed information to UNDERSTAND SOLAR PRICE QUOTES.

How to Get Started

Now that you understand how to buy solar panels, follow this link to START A SOLAR DESIGN.