Solar Design

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Varies, custom prepared in 2 to 4 weeks
  • PV solar panel system design
  • solar design site plan
  • solar design layout
  • solar design engineering
  • solar design consumption
  • solar design utility connection
  • solar design pvwatts
  • solar design prices
  • solar permit plan cover sheet
  • solar permit site plan
  • solar permit electrical plan
  • solar permit plan electrical drawing
  • solar permit plan NEC safety labels
  • solar permit plan assembly details


Receive a custom prepared design for a solar panel system prepared by an experienced technician. This personalized solar design helps you to make an informed, unbiased decision to find the best solar power system at the lowest cost. Understand your options for residential or commercial modules, on-grid or off-grid, backup systems, rooftop or ground mounting. Once complete with a qualifying system order, the solar design is used to prepare a large format plan blueprint to use when applying for building permits, utility, or HOA approval. See specifications for what's included.

TERMS & CONDITIONS Applies to existing, single-family, grid-tied residence up to 30kW. For off-grid battery storage systems, sizes larger than 30kW, commercial buildings, or new construction, please choose plan upgrade. Final plans provided upon valid system order; plans are not sold without a system order. The design fee is credited toward a valid system order. The design fee is forfeited without system order. Order online or by phone, (888) 498-3331.

 FREE WITH SYSTEM PURCHASE - your cost is credited toward qualifying order (5kW or greater)

  • Explore all options with an experienced designer
  • Easy to understand guide for choosing the best price and performance PV solar panels and system
  • PV Solar Design delivered as a pdf document
  • Final Plan suitable for use when applying for building permits, utility or HOA approval
  • Final plans (printable on 11 x 17 paper) provided upon valid system order; plans are not sold without a system order
  • Applies to existing, single-family, grid-tied residence up to 30kW
  • Plan upgrades available for off-grid battery storage systems, larger sizes up to 1 mega-watt, commercial buildings, or new construction


  • Standard Design applies to existing, single-family, grid-tied residence up to 30kW
  • For off-grid battery storage systems, sizes larger than 30kW, commercial buildings, or new construction, please choose plan upgrade
  • Final plans provided upon valid system order; plans are not sold without a system order
  • Design fee is credited toward valid system order
  • Design fee is forfeited without system order

What's included in your personalized solar system design

  • Analysis of current and future energy use
  • Assessment of roof or property site for various mounting options
  • Evaluation of current electrical setup
  • Review of local permit or utility requirements
  • PV system sizing options
  • Estimated energy production scenarios
  • Mounting layout and product options for rooftop or ground mount configuration
  • Solar panel and inverter configuration options
  • Best price project quotes for all equipment from your choice of manufacturers
  • Optional full-service installation quotes
  • Tax credit, rebate, and incentive summary
  • Expected lifetime savings and ROI estimate


  • NOTE: Permit plan provided with valid system order
  • Solar System Summary, cover page, materials list, and applicable code and system notes
  • Solar array site plan
  • Structural Engineering drawing; specifications and calculations for mounting components
  • Single-line drawing, wiring diagram with electrical specifications and calculations
  • Safety labels and signage
  • Product specifications and certifications
  • Dry-stamped mount engineering letter
  • System design planning
  • 10 - 20 page PV System Plan, printable on 11x17 paper
  • Plan revisions if required by building permit authority
  • Optional: original, wet-stamped Plan or engineering letter if required for permit, an additional fee may apply
  • Optional: Wiring Diagram 3-line electrical drawings
  • Optional: 3-D Shading Analysis

Project Requirements Forms

Once a solar design order has been received, please complete the appropriate form for your project.



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Installation Instructions

Information Needed To Complete The PV Solar Array Design

We will have an initial consultation with you by phone or email to better understand your goals, preference, budget and location. Then we will send an email and form to request some or all of the following information from you.

  • Last 12 months energy consumption (list actual monthly kilowatt hours or kWh), or copies of electric bills
  • Last 12 months utility billing (list monthly $), or copies of electric bills
  • Energy production goal (e.g. eliminate top rate tiers, 50% of total bill, 80%,100%…)
    • Roof pitch (see HOW TO MEASURE ROOF PITCH)
    • Rafter spacing, typically 16" or 24" o.c.
    • Type of rafters, (e.g. 2x6 solid wood)
    • Type of roof material (e.g. asphalt or composition shingle, spanish S-tile, concrete flat tile)
    • Describe preferred location of solar array relative to house or other marker
    • What is slope / pitch of location
  • Electric Amp service size (see rating on panel label or main breaker)
  • Photo of electric box (with door open)
  • Location of electric box
  • Location of electric meter
  • Name of utility company
  • Name of building permit authority (e.g. town, city or county name)
  • Any preferences for products
  • Any preferences for layout
  • Any homeowner association (HOA) restrictions or concerns. If HOA, please include name & contact.
  • Any building or construction plan drawings or documents
  • Preferred installation method: DIY do-it-yourself, hire your own installer, or require full-service

Don't let this list intimidate you. We will guide you through the process and work for you to meet any standards or codes.

Project Requirements Forms

Once a solar design order has been received, please complete the appropriate form for your project.



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36 Reviews

  • 4
    SolarEdge inverter and panels

    Posted by james laguardia on Mar 15th 2024

    I am happy with the price. Details of the metal roof attachments could have been better described. Overall I am pleased with the product and support so far.

  • 5
    Solar kit and drawings

    Posted by Rymond H on Nov 5th 2021

    The engineering drawings were great!
    Had no problem getting the permit or passing the inspection. the quality of the kit was great!

  • 5
    Worked for me

    Posted by Bryan on Aug 30th 2021

    you dont really need to go this route if you plan on buying a kit and really know what you are doing. I am a complete noob so I went this route instead. interaction was great and going this route slowed down the over all process.

  • 5
    Great service, great products

    Posted by Lee B in Cayucos, CA on Nov 3rd 2019

    Great service great products the two people I dealt with did a great job. They really helped me through the process. Thank you all

  • 5
    Very pleasant

    Posted by Eric C in Westport, MA on Mar 27th 2019

    Nice package and customer service for questions on install. Very pleasant so far

  • 5
    Going solar

    Posted by William F in Cape Coral, FL on Jan 27th 2019

    Starting with the web site, it was easy to navigate and provided ample information to make a decision to go solar. The staff has been fantastic. They are there to answer questions and provide any help they are asked. My project is still in progress (15.8kw) and I'm sure I will have need of additional help that, no doubt, will be graciously provided.

  • 5
    Complete 18.5 K ground mount system

    Posted by James T in Properity, SC on Oct 23rd 2018

    All is good so far. Awaiting approval from our electric cooperative. With all of the data and drawings that were done by the engineering department we are sure of a quick ok.

  • 5
    DIY system installed

    Posted by Larry S in San Clemente, CA on May 13th 2018 supplied all the expertise necessary to select and procure a complete PV system. They aided in meeting the city requirements for obtaining the necessary permit for installation of the system. They took into consideration my own desires for the system both aesthetic and practical. Four replacement rails for damage caused by inadequate packaging of the original rails were delivered promptly and were properly protected. I highly recommend this company for anyone desiring to install a PV system. Over a year later and system is outperforming. It has zeroed out my electric and will complete a second year of operation in Sept 2018 with even better performance.

  • 5
    System Design

    Posted by Seth K in Vancouver, WA on Apr 9th 2018

    The plans were clear and thorough. They contained plenty of detail to help me through the install and were in a nice package that assisted in gaining the necessary permits and utility buyoffs. Customer service was very responsive to my questions providing guidance and also revisions to the plans as needed by the city/utility. I ended up purchasing the system through sunwatts, so the plan cost was removed from the kit cost.

  • 5
    outstanding service and installation

    Posted by Bill G in Greensboro, NC on Dec 18th 2017

    sunwatts made the installation and service user friendly. We highly recommend them to anyone thinking of installing solar. I would use them again

  • 5
    Solar System

    Posted by Dan T in Brentwood, CA on Dec 15th 2017

    This was an overall really great experience with very polite and experienced installers. The total system including permits was less than 1/2 of what all the other companies quoted me. I highly recommend you get your solar system here, so many options and choices. Our system is about 15KW.

  • 5
    Silfab, Sunnyboy system

    Posted by Paul Price in Belleair Beach, FL on Jun 24th 2017

    Generally very responsive and clear. Helpful insight into the process and how to get the system installed. The only thing I might suggest is a tutorial video as I had to go through some number of YouTube and manufacture videos to give a full grasp for a DIY.

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