Solar Panels Maintenance

Solar Panels Maintenance

What is involved in maintaining and operating a solar array?

Maintaining a solar panel system is relatively simple because there are no moving parts. Usually an annual check-up is all that is needed. A monitoring system can help spot trouble that can be easily addressed. 

For grid-connected systems, minimal maintenance is required, including keeping the panels free of any debris such as fallen leaves, bird droppings or excessive build-up of dust. Some solar installers will charge a nominal fee for regular cleaning or site visits.

The solar panel installation manual or user guide will provide instructions about simple maintenance that you can do yourself. This usually involves hosing off the panels once or twice each year, especially if there is little rainfall to clean the panels naturally.

In case of snow, it really depends on the amount of snow and the temperature. Typically, the heat from the Sun will cause the snow to melt and fall off the solar panels rather quickly. Heavy snowfall, can significantly reduce electricity production, even in full sun. Use a soft broom or window squeegee to remove the snow if you want to help mother nature along. Never use a hard object like a car window scraper.


For stand-alone, off-grid or battery-backup systems, the batteries usually require the most maintenance. Unless it is a maintenance free battery, you will want to maintain the water levels to manufacturer specifications. 

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