Learn About Batteries

Learn About Batteries

The solar industry has exponentially evolved since SunWatts opened in 2007. Solar batteries have improved and advanced with industry too. They are now cheaper and more powerful than ever, with an increasing array of choices, so that most solar panel systems include battery storage today. 

Like having home electricity insurance, solar battery back-up is essential if you are off-grid or you live in an area where power outages are possible due to weather emergencies, or power company brown or blackouts are a reality.

The size, brand, type of battery system, and what solar battery accessories you need are essential areas to consider. We are here for you to help you determine the best solar battery for you and to help you make a good selection from the start.

  • Battery Size - The most common measurements of batteries are by voltage (V), amp-hours (Ah), or kilo-watts hours (kWh). Your battery needs will determine which size is best for you.
  • Battery Brand - SunWatts offers the top brands of solar battery manufacturers!
  • Battery Types - There are several different basic types of solar batteries: Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, Lithium (Li-On) batteries, Flooded batteries, Gel batteries, and small solar batteries.
  • Battery Accessories - Housing boxes, cables, connectors, battery chargers, solar charge controllers, portable charges, and utility vehicle or golf cart kits - there are a lot of options in Battery Accessories.

Our solar experts can help you determine which solar battery size, brand, type, and accessories are best for your optimal Solar PV System. In our Learn About Batteries pages, you can discover;

Check out additional information on solar batteries. SunWatts wants to help you make sense of the multitude of choices with today’s’ solar batteries.