Reasons to choose SunWatts

Reasons to choose SunWatts

Top 5 Reasons

Customers from Alaska to the Virgin Islands have shared their top 5 reasons to work with us for all types of solar projects.

1: Lower Cost

Our prices are 40% lower than the average installation. That means we beat Tesla, Sunpower, Sunrun, Vivant, and the rest. Based on actual project costs reported by CSI Solar Statistics. See how SunWatts has the lowest cost PV solar systems.

2: Bigger Selection

SunWatts provides the biggest selection of solar panels, batteries, and components. Most companies offer just one or two choices. We offer hundreds of brands, so you get the best solar panels at the lowest cost.

3: More Choice

Our ready-made solar kits make it easy to choose your size and brand. Then add options for roof or ground mounting, EV charging, battery storage backup, and installation. You even decide how to do the solar panel installation; do-it-yourself DIY, hire your labor, or we can provide full-service, professional installation. You are always in the driver's seat.

4: Unbiased Experts

All our kits come with permit-ready solar system design, technical know-how, manufacturer's warranty, and LIFETIME SUPPORT.

5: No Gimmicks

We are unbiased. We don't push products you don't need. We're not selling "Free Money" leasing or loan schemes. You get practical, straight-up answers from us.