Benefits of Solar Power

Benefits of Solar Power

American consumers care about being green, but they care even more about the green in their wallets. The primary financial benefits of a solar panel system are utility savings, fast payback, positive ROI, increased property value, and for business, accelerated depreciation. There are many ways to save money with solar power.

There are also important intangible benefits like energy independence, a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, and the creation of American jobs. Read below to answer, what are the benefits of solar power?

1. Save thousands on your electric utility bills

Solar panel systems can eliminate or significantly reduce your monthly power bill. Any energy produced FREE by the sun is energy that you don't have to purchase from the utility. This free solar energy translates into real utility savings every month that will add up to tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. Typically, the solar can pay for itself with a 3 to 7 year system payback. A positive, double-digit return on investment ROI can range from 12% to more than 30%.  

2. Increase the resale value of your property

Like any home improvement, a solar panel system should increase the resale value of your property by the amount of the installation. So even if you move from your present home, your solar panel system will have reduced your monthly utility bill and increased the value of your home if you do decide to sell. Businesses will also get five years of accelerated depreciation for the solar investment.

3. Clean, Healthy Renewable Energy

By using a renewable power source, you're helping reduce the environmental impact that burning dirty fossil fuels has on global warming and climate change. You will avoid producing hundreds of tons of greenhouse gases during the solar panel system lifetime. It's equivalent to planting thousands of trees too!

4. Energy Independence

Make your own power, avoid utility price increases, and be protected in the event of a power outage or disaster. That's what we call true energy independence, not smoke and mirrors!

5. American Jobs

Create clean energy jobs. Solar panels are designed, installed, and maintained by American workers.

6. Future Power

Home solar panels can charge your electric car. You will save thousands every year. Imagine no fuel costs, no trips to the gas station, and no oil changes.

How to Get Started

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