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Use this solar calculator to estimate the system size needed for your actual energy consumption.

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Calculator Assumptions

The calculation uses solar hours per day for each location using the PV Watts calculator with these design input standards:

  • Module Type - Premium 19% or greater efficiency
  • Array Type - Fixed (roof mount)
  • System Losses - 12% standard or 15% snow county
  • Tilt - 20 degrees • Azimuth - 180 degrees South
  • Inverter Efficiency – 98%
  • Actual results will vary for each project.
Video Tutorial

How to Calculate Your Solar kit size

Watch this video to learn how much solar power in kilo-watts or kW is needed to generate the kilo-watt hours or kWh of energy used at your property

Solar Estimate Based on Monthly Electric Bill

Although not as accurate, you can use the amount of your monthly electricity billing for a ballpark estimate of how much solar is needed. Select the closest monthly electric bill amount below to see an estimate.