Solar Panels

Solar Panels


Solar Panels Save Money

Think solar panels are too expensive for your home or business? Think again. A solar panel system is less expensive than utility costs over the system's lifetime.

Get the latest information about energy efficient solar panels from the world's leading companies. All the manufacturer brands available at SunWatts provide up to a 30 year warranty for power output. These panels are UL certified, meet or exceed California CEC or Florida FSEC standards, and qualify for energy tax credits and state rebates.

If you are just getting started, then see the simple HOW TO CHOOSE A SOLAR PANEL GUIDE.

Introduction To Solar Panels

Did you know that the sunlight which provides energy to growing plants can easily supply enough electricity to meet all your needs? This is the place to compare solar panels in all shapes and sizes for most any budget.

SunWatts has solar panels that can generate from 5 to over 400 watts of power. There are standard, residential modules (~65 X 40 inches) and larger, more economical commercial XL panels (~78 x 40 inches). There are different solar panel technologies, including monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon, amorphous or thin film CIGS. There are even portable solar panels used to charge electronic devices like cell phones, smart phone, tablets, laptops, lights, boats, RVs or most any battery-powered equipment.

To make a solar kit that can power your home, the DC solar energy produced by solar panels must be converted into household AC power using required solar inverters. Here at SunWatts, we are dedicated to providing a great selection of products, information, advice, and installation related to solar power and solar panel technologies. Whether you need solar panels, inverters, storage batteries, chargers, generators, or home solar power kits, we are here to help.

Our site features something for everyone looking for small ways to save energy or a full system to completely offset the cost of utility power. For those new to the world of solar, there is a Solar Learning Center that covers both basic and specific renewable energy information.

SunWatts has complete solar panel systems to suit a variety of budgets, prices, varying sized homes and looks. If you need help selecting your solar panels or you cannot find what you are looking for, call us at 1-888-498-3331 or visit our Contact Us page.