Solar Plans, Permitting

Solar Plans, Permitting

A solar plan is required by most building permit departments and/or utilities prior to installation. The authority having jurisdiction will ensure a proper installation is done according to building and electrical Code. The utility will require a plan prior to approving the system for net-metering.


Minimum PV Plans Checklist

Below is a checklist of commom items required for most PV solar permit plans. The plans are typcially printed on 11x17 or 18x24 inch paper. Some jurisdictions may require a state-licensed engineer (PE, EE or SE) to review and stamp the plan strcutural or electrical pages.

  • Basic site plan provided showing property lines, easements, locations of structures and equipment.
  • Layout of array configuration and placement of equipment and modules with dimensioned access and pathways (roof mount) or vegetative clearance (ground mount)
  • Electrical single line drawing including:
    • Size and location of main electrical panel and sub panels
    • Equipment grounding
    • Combiner/junction box location
    • AC / DC disconnect box
    • Conduit size from the array to the power source
    • Inverter string sizing or micro inverter branch circuit details
    • Conductor wiring methods and insulation rating, system and solar panel grounding methods per inverter and solar panel manufacturer’s listings, and PV system DC and AC disconnects
    • Listing information, including mounting, wire type, method of grounding, of PV modules and mounting racks
  • Marking and signage (on panel(s), disconnects and transmission line conductors)
  • Provide cut sheets for all PV equipment and mounting systems including, but not limited to:
    • PV modules
    • Rack mounting system
    • Mounting brackets
    • Grounding hardware
    • Inverters or micro inverters
    • Panel and rack attachment details
  • Equipment type, listing, testing agency approvals
  • Plans must show compliance with Building, Electrical and Fire Code
  • Permanent labels and signage with a red background and white lettering resistant to fading pursuant to UL 969 and National Electrical Code Article 690 and permanently affixed
  • Elevation view showing maximum height of PV installation above ground (ground mount only) or roof place with strcutural cross-section identifying adequate roof support