Solar Installation

Solar Installation

Solar installation should be an exciting process. After all, you are taking a huge step to energy independence. Never again will you have to worry about utility rate hikes. After installation, your solar panel system will last a lifetime. Since there are no moveable parts, virtually no maintenance is required, and no additional expenses are necessary.


Solar panels are usually installed on rooftops, pole-mounted on the ground, or stand-alone facilities. It is crucial to install your solar panel system where it will get the most direct sun exposure, ideally facing South. However, East or West facing can produce plenty of power. Before solar installation, make sure shade won’t fall on the panels during daylight hours. There are numerous internet resources to help you set up and install your solar panels to ensure your solar panels get the most direct sun exposure as possible. A qualified solar designer or installer would know where to place the panels to ensure they get as much sunlight as possible.

Solar installation can be done for as little as a few thousand dollars, but sometimes it requires a substantial upfront investment, so it’s essential to find a qualified solar company. Obtain a home solar evaluation and compare the different solar panel options available to you. Perform your own research on a solar installation company's reputation. You can review more than one thousand solar installers here, conduct a Google search, check with the Better Business Bureau or contact your local city office for more information.

Solar installation companies should provide a written guarantee with their proposal that states precisely how much power the solar panel system will generate.

Solar installers are well versed in all solar panel rebates and incentives. They can walk you through the steps, from financing to tax credits, to help you maximize your savings on solar installation. Most solar installers will even fill out the paperwork for you to obtain all possible solar rebates.

Our solar specialists are available to answer any questions. SunWatts can help determine if clean solar energy is right for your home or business. We have been helping homeowners since 2007 with do-it-yourself and full-service professional installation. We work with the top-rated solar panel manufacturers and solar installers throughout the country.

SunWatts can help determine if clean solar energy is ideal for your home or business. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation solar evaluation.

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