Solar Financing

Solar Financing

Whether for a home, business, non-profit or community center, it is possible to go solar with little or no money up-front. Research to learn more about the financing programs that are available for solar installation projects. Be smart to understand owning vs financing solar panels to make the best decision for you.


Green Loan

Green or solar loans are a great option. You can apply online and get started in a few weeks. Competitive rates, no equity required and fixed payments. Own your system to keep all the tax breaks, rebates and savings.

Home Improvement Loans

There are government backed home improvement loans up to $40,000. Handled by many banks, smaller loans can be unsecured, while larger loan amounts may require to be secured by equity in the home.

Home Equity

Likely one of the lowest cost ways to finance a solar panel system, home equity or refinance loans have low rates, longer term payments and tax benefits.


Solar leasing makes the most sense for larger, commercial projects. A solar lease offers no money down and no equity required. But no rebates or tax credits for you! Some lease programs place a lien on your home. Beware long-term contracts and read the fine print.

Power Purchase Agreement

Also popular with larger commercial, government or non-profit projects, a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA, is a lower, fixed rate for electricity used over a specific time period. But you don't own the system so there are no rebates or tax credits. Some programs place a lien on your home for security. Read the fine print and look for "cost escalators."

Municipal Funding

Financed by your community, PACE or Property Assessed Clean Energy funding is a low cost alternative to traditional loans or leases. PACE offers ownership benefits, low rates and long-term payment options. However, there may be Limited availability, higher fees, and more paperwork that takes longer.

Crowd Funding

A new way to finance for community and non-profit organizations, solar crowd-funding leverages the power of internet donations to raise funds for your non-profit church, school or community project.