Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Beyond our expectations

"Thank you for our solar! It was an incredible learning process and empowering us to have done it ourselves. We are overjoyed that it was successful. We still can't believe we actually built it.


"I still vividly remember our first conversation. I gave you a hard time because I didn't actually believe we could do it ourselves. I asked you so many questions, and I was so skeptical of the whole situation. You were so patient and answered my endless inquires.

"You have saved us so much money and made our hopes to have solar a reality. Your support throughout the process was beyond our expectations.

"I still can't figure out how you were always available on the phone no matter what time or day of the week it was. You have redefined what customer service is. In fact, you have inspired me to serve my customers better based on my experiences with SunWatts.

"We wish to thank you again for the incredible help you have given us to make our solar project become a reality. After six months of operation, the 20 kW ground mounted array is doing great and we are still extremely proud we were able to do it ourselves (with a lot of help and advice from SunWatts). If ever you need references, pictures or other from us please let us know. We wish you a healthy, successful and fun new year!"

- G & M Mol from Hartford, CT

Saves a lot of money

"Starting with the web site, it was easy to navigate and provided ample information to decide to go solar. The staff has been fantastic. They are there to answer questions and provide any help they are asked. My 15kW solar project was a great success and saved a lot of money. I should have done it sooner."

- W. Frank from Cape Coral, FL

Zeroed out my electric

"Over a year later and the system is outperforming. It has zeroed out my electric [bill].

"SunWatts supplied all the expertise necessary to select and procure a complete PV system. They aided in meeting the city requirements for obtaining the necessary permit for the installation of the system.

"They took into consideration my desires for the system, both aesthetic and practical.

"Four replacement rails for damage caused by inadequate packaging of the original rails were delivered promptly and were properly protected. I highly recommend this company for anyone desiring to install a PV system."

- Larry S. from San Celmente, CA

Plenty of detail to help me through

"The plans were clear and thorough. They contained plenty of detail to help me through the install and were in a nice package that assisted in gaining the necessary permits and utility buy offs.

"Customer service was very responsive to my questions providing guidance and also revisions to the plans as needed by the city/utility. I purchased the system through SunWatts, so the design cost was removed from the kit cost."

- Seth K. from Vancouver, WA

Less than 1/2 of what all the other companies quoted me

"This was an overall really great experience with very polite and experienced installers. The total system, including permits, was less than 1/2 of what all the other companies quoted me. I highly recommend you get your solar system here, so many options and choices. Our system is about 15KW."

- Dan T. from Brentwood, CA

No upselling or hidden charges

"I am a Do-It-Yourselfer and was very happy with my experience at Sunwatts.

"I was a little worried about doing such a large transaction over the internet, but I can assure you that this outfit is legit. Prices were as stated, there was no upselling or hidden charges, and follow-through was impeccable.

"If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, make no mistake about it, this is a big project, but you won't have to deal with any nonsense with SunWatts.

"Best of all, when you're feeling behind the 8 ball during the course of your installation, you can always rely on prompt responses to your installation questions, even if you're a little embarrassed to have to ask such elementary questions. :-)"

- George K. from Long Beach, CA

Saved $20,000 and bragging about it

"Our experience has been a great one starting with the professionalism of our sales/engineer to the product we received.

"Being a novice at solar their customer service has helped us through every little question I could come up with. The plans they drew up were so professional that I was granted a permit with ease.

"The shipping people were professional and on time. When it came time to install, the friends who were employed by a company that installs solar were impressed not only by the plans/instructions given to me, but the components that were supplied for installation as well as the PV system.

"I shopped every site and had quotes from multiple companies. All in all, I saved an estimated 15-20 thousand dollars by going with and brag about it every day."

- Aaron W. from Vacaville, CA

Solar on new construction made easy

"We were building a new home with an in-law suite for our mother, and wanted to look into going solar. We had no idea about the cost, how much we needed, or if it was even something our contractor could do. They worked with our contractor and provided the plans we needed to make the new construction smooth and easy."

- Christina M. from Hollywood, MD

Helpful advice and design service

"I shopped around and researched for two months for a 6.5 kW DIY PV system. I was very pleased with the response time (phone and email), information, and service from the company. During the permitting process, I got help from the company after I had paid my bill in full. With the helpful advice and design service from SunWatts I think I got the system components that best suit the harsh climate I live in."

- Scott S. from Laramie, WY

First-class design, order fulfillment and support

"I am a degreed engineer, a former carpenter, and now a regular homeowner. I bought an 11.3kW system from SunWatts to mostly self install and can only describe it as a lego set for adults! Yes, a certified electrician will check everything over and derate my main breaker/buss, I'm not a fool, otherwise, self-installing.

"Everything was included except $50 worth of conduit, the wiring from the combiner box to the inverter, and the wiring to tie into my house's electrical panel.

"After-sale support was also first class. From order to delivery was barely a week, and I live 2000 miles away. Very impressed! Best prices on the internet and first-class design, order fulfillment and support!"

-- Kane S. from Baton Rouge, LA

Personnel were always available

"Sizing and upfront engineering was perfect with no issues. Installation drawings and submittal to the City for permitting were spot on with no problems.

"Material delivery was the only snag, Not all of the material shipped on the original order. One phone call was made; they corrected and sent the balance of the material.

"Personnel was always available by phone and ready to discuss. Pleased so far. I finished the installation on my own.

"Enphase Envoy system for tracking system performance works great and able to track each solar panel's performance."

- Joe G. from Arroyo Grande, CA

May make a business out of this

"Great service, made an application for permits easy, and very professional. [SunWatts] was so helpful we will be able to order more for our friends, may make a business out of this. SunWatts is terrific with questions and follow-up."

- George F. from Pittsfield, MA

Full service at a great price

"This company handled all the details. They were professional and responsive every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone considering solar.

"We had gotten quotes from several contractors and were surprised at how expensive they were. These guys did it all for a lot less. They handled the plans, permits, a professional crew, and inspection.

"They were only working on-site for a day and a half, but overall it took about six weeks for city approvals and utility before we could turn it on.

"I was nervous about their guys working on the Spanish tile roof, but they did a really nice job, repaired a few things, and even painted the pipes to match the roof.

"The only complaint is that I could have used a little more training about the monitoring software, but I figured it out eventually.

"Happy to report that we have had six months of basically no power bills, and the system is producing as expected."

- Dennis F. from Yorba Linda, CA

Do-It-Yourself ground mount project made easy

"I had a great experience with SunWatts. Great value for the money and they made it easy. Returned phone calls and emails promptly.

"The solar permit design has a lot of good information, especially when dealing with inspectors. They provided all the engineering details for the IronRidge Ground Mount. I am going to recommend this company to anyone who is thinking about a solar project."

- John B. from Memphis, TN

They took the time to answer all my questions

"Overall, a good experience with SunWatts, who was very helpful and took the time to answer all of my questions. The permit plans were done fast and professionally."

- Bob A. from Port St. Lucie, FL

Your very own expert solar consultant

"If you are considering a DIY solar project, I highly recommend you get in touch with the very capable team at SunWatts. In addition to having a huge selection of PV systems at very competitive prices, working with them is akin to having your very own expert consultant. Extremely knowledgeable, they advised me on many fronts, including City and local utility requirements, electrical updates needed, type of racking systems, etc.

"It's a huge learning experience, and I called them often with questions. They were patient and highly responsive to emails and phone calls. I especially appreciate the insightful points of view they have that take into account my needs and preferences. Thanks for being there with me through the entirety of the project!"

- Jonathan G. from San Francisco, CA

Unlimited options

"The team at SunWatts is extremely knowledgeable and relates very well to the issues involved in planning and designing solar panels. They provided guidance and direction by narrowing down the unlimited options to those appropriate for my job. They provided responsive service and support during the installation process."

- Gene L. from Dallas, TX

One of the best online experiences ever

"SunWatts is a class operation. Highly intelligent experts that are devoted to an industry that betters the world. We had a contractor who was re-modeling the entire home, but we had no idea what I was getting myself into with solar.

"[SunWatts] held my hand and got me through this rigorous process and provided critical advice in the following areas - electrical and structural engineering, utility rebates, roofing, wiring, permitting, etc. I went through every single item in my SolarWorld with Enphase package and price compared them down to the rails and clamps, and they are competitive across the board.

"Pay the design fee the company charges upfront and then credits back! It will end up costing you nothing and will save you 1000's. At this point, the panels are on the roof, utilizing our in-house labor, which saved us a fortune."

- Jon B. from Los Angeles, CA

They were more interested in getting it right than in making a sale

"I was really pleased with the design SunWatts did for me. They exhausted all the options and were very thorough. It would have taken me months to learn everything. They did it in less than a week.

"I ended up with a very professional set of documents (20 pages) that I was able to get approved by the HOA and the city permits. I especially liked that they presented several product options and let me choose the best fit for my home and budget. They were more interested in getting it right than in making a sale."

- Jason P. from Kansas City, KS

I couldn't have done it without them

"The quotes I got from local solar companies were all outrageously expensive. I am an electrical engineer who wanted to see if I could do the solar installation by myself, with the help of my two teenage boys.

"The SunWatts design gave me everything I needed and really taught me a lot. We looked at roof mount and ground mount systems. We ended up going with ground mount and the system was approved by the City, no problem."

- James S. from Fallbrook, CA

The system is built to last

"I didn't know where to start, but when they explained how solar worked, it made sense to go with their service. Glad I did.

"We got a nice comparison and chose the top of the line LG panels with Enphase. It cost a little more, but we knew what we were getting.

"We were paying about $0.17 a kWh to the power company. Now we'll only pay about $0.04 a kWh with the solar, and the price will never go up! They walked us through all the parts and the right way to do it. The system is built to last."

- Trent F. from St. Louis, MO

Very professional and honest

"These guys were more interested in helping me than in just getting a sale. The design service provided several options. Once I chose a system, they provided all the documentation and wiring diagrams needed for the permits. Very professional and honest."

- Greg B. from Phoenix, AZ

Write your own solar success story

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