Online Estimate Quote

Online Estimate Quote

Choose your monthly electric bill amount

Want to know how much solar energy you need to replace your electric bill? Here are some general price quotes based on your monthly power bill. To keep it simple, click on the dollar amount closest to your average bill below to get a quick estimate.

Of course, it is best if you know precisely how many kWh or kilowatt hours you use every month. You can find this on your monthly utility statement. If you know your actual electricity consumption, please try our easy online SOLAR ENERGY CALCULATOR to determine how many DC watts you need.

Once you know how much solar you need for your monthly eelctricity bill, you can quickly find SOLAR KITS here. We have pre-engineered, efficient and reliable kits that are perfect for home installation. Solar packages are value-priced to include everything you need to easily get your project up and running.

How To Buy Solar

Follow our SOLAR BUYER'S GUIDE to discover the secrets of the Pros. Shop smarter. Easy 4-Step guide to Save Big!