Solar Kit Sizes

Solar Kit Sizes

Find solar kits for the number of kilowatts (kW) you need to power your life. Choose the kW size using this list, from 1kW or 1,000 watts to 1mW or 1 million watts.

Get the solar system that is the right size at low wholesale prices. These pre-engineered solar panel systems are specially designed to provide renewable energy for your home or business, and they include every component you need to make your own power system.

Popular Solar Kit Sizes


Introduction to Solar Kits

SunWatts is a full service wholesale solar electric solutions provider for homes and businesses serving the US solar market.

SunWatts customers have been installing our systems throughout the USA for many years. Our grid-tied and off-grid solar systems save installation time by including all the components in a package that can be ordered using just one part number.

When asked, how do you like your system? Customers respond, "We love it. Just a few minutes ago, we saw the meter going backward for the first time, ever. And I plan on getting a check from the power company, greatly reducing our light bill."

A grid-tied solar system connects to the electrical grid. Homes and businesses will produce their own electricity using clean, abundant power from the Sun. Saving money and helping to protect the environment.

The main benefit of a grid-tied system from SunWatts is that the kit supplies everything needed. It will be offloaded from the delivery truck at the customer's home, without having to be concerned about whether the components are there for the installation.

Installation time is reduced by using a pre-engineered approach for each custom-designed system. You will know the best layout for the solar array and how it is to be installed and wired. SunWatts' kits include every component for successful installation:

  • New, UL Certified solar panels with up to 30-year warranty
  • Grid ready AC inverter or micro-inverters, optional off-grid storage batteries are available
  • Rooftop rack mounting system for all roof types, ground mounting options are available
  • All hardware, cables, connectors, and clamps
  • Disconnect boxes
  • Permit ready electrical drawings and documents
  • Step-By-Step Installation instructions
  • Warranty Certificates

The correct system is chosen, first, according to the available roof space and, secondly, the homeowner's budget. See HOW TO BUY SOLAR PANELS.

Typical installation time of a 3kW system, would be 5 to 8 hours. Everything is complete, and the customer is happy. Customer service at SunWatts is outstanding. Replacement products can be delivered express or overnight. The installation team secures the mounting system to the roof. The modules are clamped down onto the mounting rails. Grounding wires are connected and the modules are wired. Solar panels can be wired directly to mini-inverters or in a series to each other, before being connected to the home's main electrical panel.

A 3,000-watt system is easily installed in one day. It is capable of producing as much as 4,600 AC kWh kilowatt-hours per year. It's a great product and comes in one big package. You can take a look at everything, put it together, and figure out how it's going to apply to the roof and get it done.

One customer commented, "We were not very energy conscious. We decided to put in the full [Solar Kit] system. When we first found out about solar power and saw the savings, we were shocked why everyone doesn't have this free energy."