Sinclair Designs and Engineering (SDE) expansive product line for stationary or that tracks the sun. If you live in an area that has high winds or snow load is a concern, SDE offers additional components to keep your solar secure and strong. Their focused solar mounting inventory means the lowest-priced options for your solar array!

SDE manufactures all racking systems and panel clamp kits in-house. The systems are built from prime 11 gage 50 USA steel. In-house manufacturing also provides 100% control of production schedule; this allows them to get products to customers faster with an average lead-time of 7-10 days.

SDE offers a variety of mounting systems:

SDE has a variety of featured products for the best mounting system for your solar array:

  • T-Y-L-A Carports - There are four types of carports, and they are based either on the supporting poles or roof alignment. Your geography and site needs best determine the shape of the solar panel carport.
    • T-Carports - Known also as T-Canopy Carports, these carports have supporting posts in the center structure for a “T’ formation. T-Carports can have a slight pitch, or angle, to them.
    • Y-Carports - Known also as Y-Canopy Carports, the supporting posts at the center of these carports are positioned lower than the outer edges, creating a “Y” structure.
    • L-Carports - Known also as L-Canopy Carports, these carports have poles on a single side.
    • A-Carports - Known also as A-Canopy Carports, the roof of this type of carport has a peak in the center, creating an “A” shape to the roof.
  • 5-7-10 degree roof mounts - Roof mount for roof pitches of 5 degrees, 7 degrees or 10 degrees.
  • 5-45 degree post/ballasted ground mount systems - Ground mount systems for a 5 degree through 45-degree angle.
  • Fixed-tilt Mount - Fixed-tilt tracking systems are positioned at a fixed tilt and orientation. Depending on your needs and geographic location, Fixed-Tilt mounts can be more technologically and economically viable that Sun Tracker mounts.
  • Single and Dual-Axis Sun Trackers - Solar Tracking Systems follow, or track, the sun throughout the day for maximum solar energy absorption. The tracking systems produce 15-30% more energy than Fixed-Tilt mounts. These systems are secured to a single or dual-axis’. Single-Axis trackers are more cost effective and have known reliability. Dual-Axis trackers can increase total energy production by 5-10%.
  • Sky-Rack 2.0 Ground Mount System
    • Four main components with minimal hardware requirements
    • Increased mounting structural integrity and efficient installation (SLR-Strongback)
    • Expensive panel clamps are eliminated, and component costs are reduced by 10% (Z-Purlin-208 and SLR-Truss-105)
    • Coating available with a 20-year warranty (ECO-Chem-Guard)

Sinclair Designs and Engineering (SDE) is based in Michigan. SDE is a privately held, family-owned business established in 2007. As of 2019, they have 25-30 team members within Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, and Project Management.

Sinclair Carport Mounts for Solar Panel Systems

There are several different styles of solar carport mount to accommodate a range of designs and parking configurations for larger systems greater than 50kW solar arrays. These carport mounts are custom fabricated for each project. The foundation requirements are much more robust. They include three basic designs; Y-canopy, T-canopy or L-canopy as shown below.

Y-Canopy Carport

carport-mounts-y-canopy carport-mounts-y-canopy

L-Canopy Carport

carport-mounts-l-canopy carport-mounts-l-canopy

T-Canopy Carport

carport-mounts-t-canopy carport-mounts-t-canopy