Project Gallery Flat Roof Mounts

Project Gallery Flat Roof Mounts

SunWatts Flat Roof Solar Projects

View a variety of completed SunWatts flat roof solar projects. Each project is customized to best utilize water-seals, L-feet, posts, and ballast trays for all types of flat roof surfaces; torch-down, hot-mop, tar and gravel, membrane, bitumen, Firestone, EPDM, or rubber. SunWatts Consulting and Design Service prepares a solar array design specialized for your flat roof project.

25 kW Palm Desert, CA


Modules: (90) SolarWorld SW275M
Inverter: (4) ABB PVI-6000
Mounting: ProSolar FastJack
Energy Produced: 3,200 kWh / month

18 kW Tiburon, CA


Modules: (40) Canadian Solar CS3W-450MS
Inverter: SolarEdge SE 6700H-US Energy Hub
Mounting: IronRidge Ballast Roof Mount

8.5 kW Dallas, TX


Modules: (30) SolarWorld SW280-Mono
Inverter: Enphase Micro-Inverter
Mounting: IronRidge Rooftop Mount
Energy Produced: 970 kWh / month

5 kW San Francisco, CA


33 kW Madera, CA


33kw solar kit trina-fronius-madera-ca-farm

7.1 kW Phoenix, AZ


Modules: (28) BenQ PM250-255 Black
Inverter: SolarBridge micro-inverters
Mounting: ProSolar SolarWedge SW-15
Energy Produced: 1,040 kWh / month