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Solar Powered Home with Battery Backup in Mill Valley CA

Natural disasters come in various forms, but how you prepare will significantly determine your experience during them. Whether it’s Hurricanes in Florida or Earthquakes in Alaska, being ready for an emergency is key. In recent years, California wildfires have led to the local power company (PG&E) mass shut-down of power for widespread areas, and for days at a time. One family in Mill Valley, CA, is ready for the next fire season, or whatever life throws their way.

This family had SunWatts install a 4,000 watt (4 kW) PV solar array with SolarEdge inverter and LG Chem battery energy storage system. The home is upgraded from being a utility-power home to being a Hybrid Solar Home with Battery Back-up from a dual power source; the grid and solar power. Ten Q Cells Q Peak Duo L-G5.2 400 watt solar panels were mounted on their shingle roof with IronRidge FlashFoot2 mounts and rails. The SolarEdge StorEdge inverter connects the house, the solar, and the 9.8 kWh LG Chem lithium-ion home battery. The home battery is perfect for daily use that re-charges with electricity generated from PV solar panels or the utility grid.

This solar array will not only keep this family powered during a power outage, but it will also provide them with a 118% annual power offset. They are saving $1,200 per year in power with a system payback of 5.25 years.Solar Array Specifications:

Being a Hybrid Solar Powered home with back-up battery power made sense for this family. They made the right choice for them the first time around. This saved them time, money, and stress. If you are still unsure which type of system is right for you, a solar consultation and design by solar professionals will provide you with low-cost options that best fit your home. A Solar Consultation and Design is included at no charge when you purchase a 5kW or higher solar kit. The solar design helps you make an informed, unbiased decision to find the best system at the lowest cost.

You have options for going solar. Whether you go On-Grid, Off-Grid, or Hybrid Solar, going solar can help you reduce your energy costs, improve your property value, and reduce your carbon footprint. Take steps to find the right type of Solar PV System that works best for you and your home before you buy it. 

Home Solar Array with Battery Back-up

Jul 2nd 2020

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