Power For Your Business: New Sol-Ark Commercial Inverter Benefits Explained

Thinking about solar panels for your business, factory or farm with commercial 3-phase power? You'll need an inverter to convert the sun's DC power to usable AC electricity. The new Sol-Ark 30K-3P-208V and the 60K-3P-480V inverters are heavyweight contenders for 3-phase power with battery backup capability. Here's a quick rundown of the Sol-Ark features and benefits in simple terms:

Sun Powerhouse: These inverters can handle a whopping 39 kilowatts (kW) or 78kW of DC solar input with 30kW or 60kW AC output respectively. This is great for businesses that use a lot of commercial three-phase electricity at 208V, 277V or 480V.

Battery Backup Ready: Thinking about adding batteries to store extra solar power? The Sol-Ark inverters provide a hybrid solar battery system that is compatible with almost any Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery, allowing you to use cheap solar energy even when the sun isn't shining. Each inverter can handle more than 4 megawatt hours of electricity storage with 5 milliseconds (5ms) response time to ensure power flows smoothly without flickers.

Smart Monitoring: Keep an eye on your solar power production and battery levels from anywhere with your phone or computer. No more confusing manuals or cryptic codes!

All-in-One: The Sol-Ark inverter is built to handle everything in one unit: DC-AC power conversion, pre-wired connection box, 200 amp auto-transfer switch, arc fault detection, surge protection, DC disconnect switch, 24/7 monitoring, and optional generator support. Backed by a 10 year warranty and lifetime USA based technical support.

Capture the Incentives: Sol-Ark inverters, solar panels and batteries quality for the 30% IRS renewable energy tax credit and any state or local rebates. Businesses in qualifying rural locations may also apply to the US Department of Agriculture Renewable Energy America Program to receive up to a 50% cash rebate and special financing. Whether you’re a farmer or a warehouse manager, the program could save you a bundle.

Is it the right choice?

If you have a commercial business that uses a lot of 3-phase solar power, the Sol-Ark 30K-3P-208V and the 60K-3P-480V inverters are powerful options. Their battery compatibility makes them a future-proof choice for those considering solar storage. But remember, bigger isn't always better! Make sure this inverter's power matches your needs before you buy.

How to get started with a Sol-Ark hybrid solar battery system

The easiest way to start is with a custom solar design for your home or business.

Mar 13th 2024

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