Mississippi Home is Solar Powered with Battery Back-Up

A family in Mississippi wanted energy independence and to have their power accessible and ready, regardless of what mother nature throws their way. They worked with SunWatts to achieve their off-grid solar goals!

The steps to produce their own power began with a custom system design with a choice among 15 of the best solar kits with battery backup options to meet their needs. After selecting their solar kit, they took their permit plan to their building and zoning department for their solar permit. Soon after their permits were approved and they were ready to take delivery.

With all shipments, SunWatts recommends inspecting the products for completeness and damage before accepting the shipment. Taking this step helps ensure replacements are handled in a timely fashion.

The first step was to install their ground mount system. This project called for IronRidge brand mounting.The client added a gravel base and a battery enclosure shed under the solar array for a functional and beautiful ground mount.

With the ground mount in place, the next step was to add their Axitec Solar Panels, AC400MH-1445. The 400 watt XL Axitec Solar Panels were selected by the client for the efficiency rating, annual offset, utility savings, and product availability for this custom project.

The Sol-Ark Inverter, SA-12k-P, was installed next. This inverter provides an internal automatic transfer switch solar power and battery during off-grid operation. The Sol-Ark inverter has highly accelerated life testing that is proven to last well beyond the standard 10-year warranty.

The solar battery, Sol-Ark PCC-230, was installed last. This battery package included the interconnect bars and rack. This 22 kWh 48V battery has 7+ years of daily cycle life and a five-year warranty. The property uses about 42 kWh per day on average, so the 22 kWh battery will cover their essentials like refrigeration, lighting and small appliances should the utility grid go down.

Once the solar array was fully connected and inspected, the array was turned on and they used the inverter’s monitoring software to see how the system was performing.

Summary of their System Details:

  • Modules: (15) Axitec Solar Panels, AC400MH-1445
  • Inverter: (1) Sol-Ark SA-12k
  • Battery: 22 kWh with (8) Sol-Ark PCC-230
  • Mounting: IronRidge Ground Mount System
  • Net System Cost: $13,800
  • Energy Produced: 9,000 kWh / year
  • Utility Savings: $1,930 per year

SunWatts provides remote solar consultation and design service for a professionally designed system with no in-person contact, to keep you and your family safe. We listen to what you need, help you select the best solar kit for your ] needs, and provide you with the most suitable brand-agnostic options for you. We also have handy guides to help you compare solar energy storage battery systems. Additionally, we do all of this for less. With SunWatts, you can have peace-of-mind and save on your Solar Kit with Battery back-up. Contact us today to get started.

Feb 25th 2021

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