Fusion Power Is Available Today: It’s Called a Solar Panel

Scientists at the US Department of Energy recently confirmed that they have successfully re-produced nuclear fusion with a net energy gain in the laboratory. This is a tremendous advance that has the potential to transform our world.

One analyst commented, “This is like the discovery of oil in 1860’s Pennsylvania. It took 100 years, but by the 1960’s we were driving and flying all over the planet, powered by oil.” LIkewise, the fusion breakthrough will not result in a clean power source for decades, and perhaps not for generations.

However, there is good news! The "future of clean energy," is already here. It’s called a solar panel. The solar panels you can purchase today harvest the nuclear fusion created by the Sun. They do it cheaply, reliably, and cleanly.  

What is Nuclear Fusion?

Nuclear Fusion is a natural process that fuses two or more atoms together into a larger one. This process generates a massive amount of energy as heat. Our Sun is a giant nuclear fusion reaction.

Nuclear Fusion is different from Nuclear Fission. Nuclear Fission is the process of splitting a larger atom into two or smaller atoms. This is the base of Nuclear Energy. It also produces volatile radioactive waste which requires proper storage and has major safety risks. Nuclear meltdowns, such as at the Fukushima and Chernobyl reactors, are also a risk, while rare, they have occurred with long-term catastrophic results.

Nuclear Fusion does not produce the volatile radioactive waste that Nuclear Fission does. The massive amounts of energy Nuclear Fusion creates can be used to warm water, create steam, and power turbines to produce usable power.

How Solar Fusion Creates Electricity

Solar Fusion powers our Sun. The amount of energy that reaches earth in a hour and a half is enough to power the world for a full year. The key is to capture it correctly. Nuclear Fusion requires huge facilities to create fusion energy. Solar Fusion can use your home's roof to generate inexpensive and clean energy for you.

Solar panel systems, also known as photovoltaic or PV systems, capture and absorb the energy created by Solar Fusion. It converts that energy into useful forms of electricity using a chemical process similar to the photosynthesis effect of the Sun on plants and trees. Solar Energy Batteries then store the excess energy for later use.

Solar Fusion takes place on sunny and cloudy days. Which means that solar panels can produce electricity on cloudy days, but not as much as on a sunny day. Read more on how solar power works to see how it can save you money.  

Why Nuclear Fusion will not replace Solar

Nuclear Fusion has been attained, however it is a long way away from being consumer ready. At present, there is no method to harness the energy produced by Nuclear Fusion long enough to power the grid let alone residences. Solar Energy can be utilized and captured with a Solar Kit and Solar Energy Battery, products which are available today.

The recent success in obtaining Nuclear Fusion is on a small scale. It cannot power an energy plant let alone the needed scale for grid power. There are also only several facilities to create Nuclear Fusion; not enough to change how we currently can receive clean energy. As physicists say, "fusion is 20 years off and it always will be." There is not reason to be worried about the future of clean energy because grid power from solar energy is already in place and powering homes throughout the USA.

Solar Power is ready to install and power your home today. A 10 kw Solar Kit will power the average home in the USA. Further scientific advancement is not needed to start producing your own clean energy today. Your Solar Kit is ready and waiting.

Clean Energy from Solar Energy

If you are looking for a clean energy source, the decision is not if you should go solar; it is when you will go solar. Start saving money while reducing your impact on harmful climate change today.

SunWatts understands that transitioning to solar energy is no small task. It's difficult to decide what is the best solar array for your home, especially when faced with a wide variety of components and manufacturers. We believe this process should be as painless as possible. That is why we've done the research for you. SunWatts can help you find and install the perfect solar kit for your home and business. Our  Solar Consultation and Design Service gives you unbiased fair options to find the right Solar Kit for you.

Dec 19th 2022

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