Qcells Q.Home Energy Storage System

Qcells Q.Home Energy Storage System

The QCELLS Q.Home+ Energy Storage System (ESS) is a module energy storage solution for North America that includes a hybrid inverter, battery charger, Lithium-ion battery, backup power switch, and monitoring system all in one integrated package with a 10-year product ad performance warranty.

The Q.HOME+ ESS lithium battery comes in a modular design that delivers from 4.5 kWh up to 18.9 kWh for both DC-coupled and retrofit AC-coupled configurations. Connect up to three batteries in series using only one inverter and battery management system. The integrated backup power function delivers 100% of the rated inverter AC output to support critical loads in the event of a power outage. The lithium battery has 90% depth of discharge (DoD). Remotely monitor the web portal or mobile app.

Nominal power output is 6kW to 8.6kW and Backup power is 2.5 kW to 7.5 kW AC. The system operates with a 120/240V split-phase grid.


AC and DC coupled Models include

  • ESS HYB-G1 6.0
  • ESS HYB-G1 7.0
  • ESS HYB-G1 7.6
  • ESS HYB-G1 8.6
  • ESS AC-G1 6.0
  • ESS AC-G1 7.0
  • ESS AC-G1 7.6
  • ESS AC-G1 8.6


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