BMZ Battery

BMZ Battery


BMZ Group is a leader in Europe and a significant international player in the rapidly growing Renewable Residential Energy Storage< market with lithium-ion battery market. As a system provider and specialist for intelligent battery solutions, BMZ offers high-tech products that are developed and produced according to customer requirements. BMZ is leading system suppliers of rechargeable battery packs and chargers. BMZ promotes sustainable development and the use of alternative energies, all through the development of innovative products.

Each BMZ battery provides scalability, high power, and they are environmentally friendly.  The three solar energy battery storage options with BMZ are:

  • ESS 7.0 / 9.0 / X
    • Capacity 121-183 Ah
    • Energy content 6-10 kWh
    • Energy density 71-101 Wh
  • ESS Customized
    • Capacity 58 Ah
    • Energy content 3 kWh
    • Energy density 51 Wh
  • ESS High Voltage
    • Total capacity of up to 18 kWh
    • This battery can also be equipped with three to six helios modules

BMZ USA Inc was founded in 1994 and is a subsidiary of BMZ Group. The BMZ Group is a privately held company that is headquartered in Karlstein, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Their manufacturing facilities are located in China, Poland, Japan, France, and the US. They employ more than 3,000 highly skilled employees, 20% of which work in research and development; which allows the BMZ Group to implement approximately 250 new projects each year.