Top Solar Jokes To Brighten Your Day

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  • My neighbor told me he was getting solar panels. Well, he's got my respect. What a power move.
  • What Do You Call A TV Show Discussing Renewable Energy? A Solar Panel.
  • We Need To Start Investing More In Solar Energy…But It’s Not Just Going To Happen Overnight.
  • When There’s A Huge Solar Energy Spill… It’s Just Called A Nice Day.
  • Why did the tree install solar panels?It wanted to be a power plant.
  • What Did The Solar Panel Say To The Sun? You’re So Conceited! I Swear, You Act Like The Whole World Revolves Around You.
  • Solar Panel Technology… So Hot Right Now.
  • What is the best college to apply to learn about solar radiation? U.V. Ray.
  • I Still Don’t Fully Believe In Solar Energy… But I’m Warming Up To The Idea.
  • You Don’t Like Renewable Energy? Coal Story Bro.
  • What Is A Solar Panels Favorite Drink? Sunny-D.
  • Why Was The Solar Panel Anxious? It Was All Hot & Bothered.
  • What Is A Solar Panel's Favorite Song? Here Comes The Sun.
  • Why Is Elton John’s Solar Farm The Most Efficient In The World? He Doesn’t Let The Sun Go Down On Them.
  • Why Do Solar Panels And Coal Plant Never Talk About Policy? It’s A Hot Button Issue.
  • CEO of Tesla invented solar-energy gathering grass! I love the stuff. My only complaint is that it had a real e-lawn musk smell to it.
  • What Do You Call A Dishevelled Solar Panel? A Hot Mess.
  • Why Are Solar Panels Always Optimistic? They Keep Their Sunny Side Up.
  • Why Did The Solar Panel Sign Up For The Bake Sale? Because They’re Selling Like Hot Cakes.
  • How Do Solar Panels Like Their Eggs? Sunny-Side Up.
  • How did the solar panel feel when it was finally installed? AMPED.
  • Why are we always talking about Solar energy? Because it’s such a hot topic.
Jul 9th 2020

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