200kW solar kit Peimar 400 XL, SMA inverter

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  • 200kW solar kit Peimar 400 XL, SMA inverter
  • 200kW solar kit Peimar 400 XL, SMA inverter
  • 200kW solar kit Peimar 400 XL, SMA inverter


This high-power, low cost solar energy system generates 200000 watts of grid-tied electricity with (500) commercial-grade XL-size mono perc modules, SMA Sunny Boy Core 3-phase inverter, Sunny Portal 24/7 monitoring, rooftop mounting, safety labels, and permit-ready building electrical plans. The made in Italy XL-size solar panels are ideal on larger rooftop or ground mounts for better value with a 30 year power warranty. The 3-phase grid-tied Sunny Tripower inverter connects up to 12 independent solar strings and it is SunSpec Code compliance-ready for rooftop shutdown. Choose the DIY base kit, or add the optional ground mounting. This affordable solar kit will save money on monthly electric bills. Order online or PHONE 888-498-3331


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Parts / Specifications

What is included:
System design, permit-ready plans, solar panels, inverters, monitoring, safety disconnect, mounting, safety labels, accessories, manufacturer's warranty, lifetime support
What is not included:
Conduit, electrical wire, circuit breaker(s), junction boxes, sealant, concrete
Solar Panels:
Inverter integrated DC disconnect, externalAC disconnect safety switch
24/7 system monitoring Sunny Portal
(50) x 100' PV wires with MC4 connectors
Rooftop racks, portrait layout, flush mount (IronRidge or UniRac)
Roof Anchors:
Choose shingle roof flash-foot, universal tile hook, or metal roof base. Other mounts available as needed; additional cost may apply
Module bonding clamps, rails splices, grounding lugs, wire clips
Safety Labels:
NEC code compliant site map placard and safety labels
Maximum Power DC (Wp):
200,460 watts DC; 200.4 kW
Maximum Power AC (Wp):
180,063 watts AC CEC
Estimated Power Generated:
24,222 kWh AC monthly average
Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V):
240 Volts
Maximum System Output Current Imp (A):
256 Amps
Minimum Required OCPD Circuit Breaker Rating (A):
320 Amps
Array Dimensions:
10,794 square feet
Array Weight:
29,812 lbs
Distributed Load:
2.8 lbs psf
Structural Design Criteria:
ASCE 7-10
Design Wind Speed Rating:
110 mph
Design Snow Load:
20 lbs psf
Design Anchor Spacing:
6' span
Product specifications are dependent on manufacturer information and are subject to change without notice.
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Installation Instructions

DIY or Full-Service Pro Solar Installation

You can choose how to install the solar panel system. You can Do-It-Yourself (DIY), hire any contractor or handyman for labor, or we can provide Full-Service Professional installation. Most customers choose DIY to save some serious money. However you decide to go solar, we will provide the permit plans, instruction manuals and lifetime technical support. You will also have the same manufacturer warranties, and be eligible for tax credits, rebates and other incentives.

Professional solar panel system installation by a state licensed contractor includes labor, wiring, electrical setup, balance of system parts, building permit, utility approval, inspection, monitoring setup, and activation. 5 year warranty on labor. Installation services are not subject to state sales tax. Final price subject to system design and site visit. Additional fees may apply for electrical panel upgrade, multiple roof areas, conduit wiring greater than 100 ft, two or more story property, or tilt mounting.


pdf-icon.pngIronRidge roof mount datasheet

pdf-icon.pngIronRidge roof mount Installation Manual

pdf-icon.pngSMA Sunny TRIPOWER datasheet

pdf-icon.pngSMA Sunny TRIPOWER Installation Manual

pdf-icon.pngPeimar SM400M DATASHEET

pdf-icon.pngPeimar solar installation

How to Install the Solar Panel Kit with String Inverter

  1. Read and follow the installation instruction manuals provided with the solar panels, inverter and mounting system
  2. Secure the roof attachments to the roof rafters; add caulk as needed
  3. Attach mounting rails to the roof attachments using supplied hardware
  4. Secure the solar panel(s) to the mounting rails using the supplied mid-clamps and end-clamps
  5. Connect the solar panel cables
  6. Connect the last PV cable to a junction box
  7. Connect PV wires from the junction box to the inverter
  8. Connect the inverter to a PV solar disconnect box
  9. Connect the PV solar disconnect box to a new circuit breaker in the household electrical box
  10. Contact the local building department or electric utility company to schedule inspection and connection to the grid for permission to operate

Tools Required to Install Rooftop Solar Mounting

  • Tape measure
  • Roofers bar, shingle ripper
  • Chalk line
  • Stud finder
  • Caulking gun
  • Sealant compatible with roofing materials
  • Drill with 7/32" long-style bit
  • Drill or impact gun with 1/4" or 5/16" deep socket
  • Ladder, Safety harness and rope
  • Wire stripper, cutter, crimping tool
  • Conduit bender
  • Voltage or Amp meter, testing tool

How to Install PV Solar Panel Roof Flashing Attachment

Simply slide the flashing under a row of roof shingles, drill pilot hole, apply sealant to hole, secure with bolt and attach sealing washer. Just a few minutes to install flash-foot. Watch this video for a demonstration.

Fast, Simple Universal Fastening Objects (UFO)

Comparing IronRidge XR rails to Box rails

Pro Tips to Mount Solar Rails Square on a Rooftop

How to Install the SMA Sunny Tripower Core1 Inverter

How to Commission the SMA Sunny Tripower Core1 Inverter

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